Angie’s report from the YES camp

Dear Spice Management Group,

Thank you for sponsoring me for the YES camp and a special thank you to TJ and John!

This was my very first year attending the YES camp and I had so much fun! The YES camp was located at the Cowichan Lake Outdoor Education Centre. There were over 80 campers attending. We were divided into 8 colour groups – they were co-ed. The only times we were in our groups was when the leaders wanted to make sure all of us were together, if we were going to eat, doing activities, or for reflections.  At night time we had reflections. For reflections each night we were divided into our colour groups and went to different places to talk about our day.

Some activities we did were swimming in the lake, a huge slip-n-slide (it was almost as long as our Granville gardens pathway and four people could slide at the same time – we were all covered in soap). On Thursday we had a Talent Show and we went on a one hour hiking trip. Haha, I got stuck in the mud and lost my shoe. They wanted me to leave my shoe behind and I said “NO WAY”.

While I was at the camp I met really interesting people, most of them lived in Co-ops, and some came from different provinces in Canada. There was a boy I recognised from school named Ian. I have seen him around my school, but I had never spoken to him. Now we are good friends. I have never laughed so much in my life, and had so much fun with other kids my age. The last night of the camp it was so emotional for most of us, I am not afraid to admit I cried a lot. The next morning when we were leaving people asked if I was still crying, my response to that was, “no, they’re still watering from last night”.

I wish other teens my age could attend this camp. My goal is to attend this camp every year until I graduate, and I am starting now to earn money and do my own fundraising. I am hoping the more teens I tell about the camp the more will join and have as much fun as I did.

Thank you again for sponsoring me!
Yours Truly,
Angie Atkinson – Van de Leur