Free fridges & other energy saving products for SPICE housing co-op clients

Several units at SPICE’s housing co-op clients have received free fridges alongside other energy saving products! SPICE has been successful in obtaining funding through The Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP) for many units in the housing co-ops we manage.

ECAP provides qualified low-income BC Hydro and FortisBC residential account holders with a home energy evaluation, the installation of energy saving products and personalized energy efficiency advice. All of this is free of charge to the participant.

Energy saving products that may be installed include:

  • energy saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent lamps) indoor and outdoor,
  • faucet aerators for the kitchen and bathroom,
  • low-flow showerhead,
  • water heater pipe wrap and blanket,
  • draftproofing, such as weatherstripping, caulking and outlet gaskets,
  • insulation for attics, walls and crawlspaces,
  • low-wattage night light,
  • ENERGY STAR® refrigerator.

Every home is different. The program evaluator determines which energy efficiency upgrades a home is eligible for.