SPICE is comprised of an expert crew of Superstars who have a broad range of experience in many areas including: accounting, records management, Non-Profit and Co-op management, Non-Profit and Co-op law, maintenance, community building, financing, project management, Non-Profit and Co-op education and much more. The SPICE Crew works together as a team to deliver exceptional services to every member of each Non-Profit and Co-op we partner with.

John Waldo | CEO

John has a deep passion for Non-Profit and Co-op housing with extensive, diverse and winning experiences in the sector. John has spent 22 years building successful social enterprise partnerships. Prior to that he spent 9 years in local ski resorts in Property Development and Management.

John has a Bachelors’ of Business Administration with a focus on Finance, Accounting, Law and Management. Prior to founding SPICE, John spent 12 years working with another Co-op management firm here in BC. Ten years ago John completed Community Economic Development with SFU and determined the sector needed management with a new vision and different outcomes. Soon after, SPICE Management Group Inc. was formed.

Michelle Gillies | Concierge

Michelle has a very strong administrative and customer service background. She enjoys problem solving, working with others and thrives in a team environment. Michelle works hard to achieve efficiency. She is dedicated to making processes run smoother for all parties involved. On a personal note, she is an Aries, has a tarantula and a major sushi addiction!

Isobel Bemrose-Fetter | Concierge

Isobel has a background in public policy research and analysis, stemming from both her UBC Political Science degree and her various volunteer ventures. She is a well spoken, fun loving individual with a personal interest in finding solutions to the housing crisis and helping to build stronger communities. During work hours Isobel takes a keen interest in learning as much as she can about the Non-Profit and Co-op housing sector. Outside of work, her African Grey Parrot and two cats take up most of her time.

Julie Hunter | Project Manager

Julie brings a wealth of project management, marketing, and corporate engagement experience to SPICE Management Group Inc. She acted as the Commercial Sales director with the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC for 13 years before she moved on to complete a certificate in Advanced Project Management. Julie’s passion for housing co-operatives and renovation projects is reflected in her passion for completing projects with the most positive and holistic results possible.

Tena Miller | Project Manager

Tena is a certified roofing inspector and mold remediator. She has over 20 years of experience in many different areas within the Construction industry. Tena specializes in Project Management, inspections, and exterior renovations and is a great addition to the SPICE family.

Latha Alandur | Finance Lead

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Rick Mysynuk | Handy Person

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Randy Majometano | Handy Person

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The Crew at SPICE work together to establish a long term plan (operational funding, savings and capital planning) for every one of our clients to ensure their viability well past the end of their Operating Agreements.