Misty Ridge Co-operative was in its 26th year and our needs have been changing.  With this knowledge, the board began to look for a management company to help with the increasing needs of our co-op.

 After a careful tendering process Misty Ridge Co-operative chose Spice Management Group because of their flexibility of support and their vast array of services.  In the end, we also found it in our best interest to have one company for both Management and Maintenance.  By far Spice Management Group was able to demonstrate their patience and willingness to work for our co-op.  We have a unique set of priorities and their services best suited our needs.

Misty Ridge Board of Directors


Having Spice as our management partner at Misty Ridge has really set the co-op on the road for success.  I jumped at the opportunity to join the board as I knew it would be rewarding with Spice managing our co-op, allowing our Board to really get down to governing and improving our community.  Spice really cares about our co-op and every member.

 We are thrilled with the opportunity to have education brought to our co-op through Spice and how spice goes above and beyond to work with the members and the existing ways of the co-op so that our co-op can keep it’s identity. Those are two other things that I love about Spice as well.

Since Spice we now have processes that work efficiently, members respect each other and our co-op has a plan for a successful future. I only wish our co-op had started working Spice sooner, but am confident we have the right management partner now.

Alison Russell, Misty Ridge Housing Co-op Vice President


 I am so relieved our Co-op is working with Spice.  Since Spice started with us being a board member is no longer an overwhelming job.  Spice organized and straightened out all our records, put systems in place to ensure every member is being treated equally every time, allowed the board to stop spending time micromanaging day to day tasks so that we can perform as a Board should…a complete turnaround from where we were before.  Spice has shown time and again they are here to support and assist our co-op in whatever areas we need.

 We are most excited about the fact that we now have a long term plan in place to fix our buildings, renovate our units, and provide subsidy to qualifying members past the end of operating agreement.  Members are looking forward to getting their new flooring and kitchen/bathrooms with quartz counters this year.

 Richmond Heights is thankful Spice chose to work with us and we know the feeling is mutual.

Carol Ramos, Richmond Heights Housing Co-op Director


We just started working with SPICE.  The transition was straightforward, SPICE cleaned everything up, now has everything organized and under control.  Before SPICE, as a Director, I was overwhelmed…now being a Director is a pleasure.  I have just accepted another new term on the Board and looking forward to it.

~ Glenna Heidt, Kaslo Gardens Housing Co-op Director