SPICE’s mission is to develop, support and strengthen Non-Profit and Co-operative housing communities, by sharing passion, knowledge and experience


SPICE’s vision is to set the industry standard for ethical, quality and innovative practices, as the first-choice service provider


SPICE’s purpose is to revolutionize Non-Profit and Co-operative Housing


SPICE’s values:

  • Friendly
  • Team-focused
  • Top quality
  • Community-minded
  • Innovative & professional


SPICE’s promise is to improve your housing development & your community!


Our Competitive Edge – what makes SPICE different?

SPICEVision – Our Planning Genius. SPICE created SPICEVision, a unique ‘short & long term’ planning system, to support your housing community now, and well beyond your operating agreement. SPICEVision is based on and guides both your financial and community future.