Why Spice


Spice’s mission is First Class.  Leaving our Boards and Members feeling cared for, empowered and free to focus on what they are meant to.

Our Purpose at Spice is to revolutionize the Co-op Management Sector.

 Spice promises to stop the chaos for Directors

  • Dealing with problem members
  • Dealing with management issues
  • Freeing up your time to focus on your life and community
  • Spice always improves the bottom line
    • Set up the Co-op for success now and past the end of your Operating Agreement
    • Save you money!

 Our Competitive Edge – what makes Spice different?

SpiceVision – Our Planning Genius.  Spice created SpiceVision, a unique ‘short & long term’ planning system, to support your housing community now, and well beyond your operating agreement that is based on and guides both your financial and community future.


At Spice it makes us feel awesome knowing our clients are getting great First Class service to make their Co-op successful

Spice knows we are doing it right

  • Spice has a winning model
  • Our partner Co-ops are succeeding
  • Every one of our Crew literally loves their jobs
  • Every one of our clients provides us with references
  • Every Co-op we partner with saves money!

The sector has changed and the same model developed 30 years ago by the other management providers simply doesn’t work any longer.