Secure the Future of Your Community

Professional and proactive management services that support housing communities to thrive now, and well into the future

Our Philosophy​

SPICE is an acronym for Sustainable, Proactive, Innovative & Community Excellence, which we passionately strive for on behalf of our clients, each and every day.

As a company, SPICE embraces a culture based on respect, equality, empathy, and accountability, which allows us to thrive, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Our Services

SPICE partners with Non-Profit and Co-op housing developments to provide outstanding management, and to engage communities.

Property Management

We take on a wide variety of day to day and annual operations, while providing you with additional support to govern your community.​

Maintenance Management

We provide customized and proactive services to meet the individual needs of your development.

Project Management

From scope creation to deficiency completion, we successfully and seamlessly manage projects of any size.

Property Development

We contribute sharp expertise and dedicated exploration of opportunities for your community’s future.


We offer polished insight and tested advice to help guide your community towards healthy engagement and prosperity.

Asset Management Planning

With our innovative big picture thinking, and professional relationships, we create long standing solutions for your community’s biggest obstacles.

Our Edge

SPICEVision© – A unique ‘short & long term’ planning system developed by SPICE, to support your housing community in the present, and beyond your existing operating and funding agreements.

SPICEVision© is an all-encompassing service and tool that translates into community independence and building betterment.

Our SPICEVision© provides the financial framework and coordination of the what, when, and how, to empower you with the confidence and financial security to make successful steps towards your future.

Our Clients

Our Crew

SPICE is comprised of an amazing ensemble of SUPERSTARS, all with broad ranges of wisdom and abilities.

Each SPICE crew member has their own set of expert skills that they contribute to our team servicing approach, allowing us to deliver exceptional services to every member of each housing community we partner with.

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