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SPICE is comprised of an expert crew of Superstars who have a broad range of experience in many areas including: accounting, records management, Non-Profit and Co-op management, Non-Profit and Co-op law, maintenance, community building, financing, project management, Non-Profit and Co-op education and much more. The SPICE Crew works together as a team to deliver exceptional services to every member of each Non-Profit and Co-op we partner with.

COO - Internal

Darya Savin

COO - External

Michelle Gillies


Randy Majometano

Finance Lead

Raj Kawal Kaur


Engert Zako


Sherry Lee

Office Admin

Akshita Bhandari

Project Coordinator

Andrea Wiebe


The Crew at SPICE work together to establish a long term plan (operational funding, savings and capital planning) for every one of our clients to ensure their viability well past the end of their Operating Agreements.