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SPICE is comprised of an expert crew of Superstars who have a broad range of experience in many areas including: accounting, records management, Non-Profit and Co-op management, Non-Profit and Co-op law, maintenance, community building, financing, project management, Non-Profit and Co-op education and much more. The SPICE Crew works together as a team to deliver exceptional services to every member of each Non-Profit and Co-op we partner with.

COO - Internal

Darya Savin

Office Manager

Vikram Saluja

COO - External

Michelle Gillies

Client Maintenance Lead

Paul Laroza

Project Manager

Julie Hunter


Randy Majometano


Tynan McCallum


Engert Zako


Derek Chu

Maintenance Coordinator

Lee Buskila


The Crew at SPICE work together to establish a long term plan (operational funding, savings and capital planning) for every one of our clients to ensure their viability well past the end of their Operating Agreements.